Foods to Avoid

When the wrong foods are eaten or the right foods are eaten in the wrong way, a brace may break off your tooth and your wires may bend or break; thus prolonging treatment time. Also hard and sticky foods can damage the wires or brackets and can loosen the cement holding your bands in place. Remember brace breakages equal longer treatment time.

Avoid the following:

  • Sticky Foods—caramels, starburst, toffee, licorice, skittles, gummy bears, jujubes and chewing gum.
  • Hard Foods—nuts, popcorn, hard candy, well-toasted bagels, hard pretzels, jerky, ice cubes and hard taco shells.

Minimize the following:

  • Sugary Foods—cake, pie, ice cream, chocolate and cookies.
  • Sugary Drinks—pop, kool-aid and slushies

Adapt when eating the following:

  • Raw vegetables—carrots, celery sticks-cut into small pieces or cooked.
  • Fruit—apples, pears-cut into small pieces.
  • Cut meat off the bone—ribs, wings, drum sticks.
  • Cut corn off the cob.

Biting on pens, pencils and fingernails are the worst habits that can cause a brace to break off a tooth. So if you have any of these habits, please try to stop them.

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