Headgear & Elastics


Headgear is often used to correct protrusive front teeth. This is done by placing pressure against the upper teeth and jaw, which would hold the teeth in position and allow the lower jaw to grow and catch up. The key to success with your headgear appliance is consistency.

Headgear should be worn 12-14 hours per day during quiet times such as watching tv, playing on the computer, doing homework and sleeping. Headgear should never be worn while playing sports and should also be removed while eating or brushing your teeth.

  • Headgear needs to be brought to all orthodontic appointments for observation and adjustments.


Elastics are a vital part of treatment and are also contingent upon patient compliance. Wearing elastics improves the bite relationship between your upper and lower teeth. Elastics are worn 24hours a day (excluding eating and brushing your teeth), elastics should be changed at least once a day.

It is important to wear elastics consistently or treatment setbacks may occur. If only one day is missed, it could cause your teeth to shift back to their original position!

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